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Goldon-Membership: 99Verleger

Sign to 99Verleger and get four upcoming releases (cd-digipak) from Goldon Records straight to your letterbox! As we term it after one season (12–15 months) you vote for ‘Best Album’ and ‘Best Song’. Goldon Records dispenses a total of 3'000 Swiss Francs to the bands based on the incoming votes. 99 Verleger is a club with only 99 seats. Get your seat now!

Take a look at past seasons with Venetus Flos, Alvin Zealot, Count Gabba, The Bucket, Dans La Tente, Zeno, One Sentence. Supervisor, GeilerAsDu, My Baby The Bomb or Kapnorth just to name but a few. Here

– Membership starts anytime
– A season lasts 12 to 15 months
– You get four releases on compact disc (cd-digipak)
– Your letterbox is located in Switzerland
– You pay your membership in advance
– Membership costs 99 Swiss francs per season
– You easily leave 99Verleger at the end of a season, or stay
– Correspondence is in german
– 99Verleger started in 2009 and currently is in Season 5 (2013/2014)




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