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Past, Present and Future

Goldon Records & Publishing GmbH is an independent music label and
music publisher based in Lucerne, Switzerland. We started in 2009 with the objective of bringing our signed acts up to the next level both artistically and in a business sense. Goldon Records mainly promotes releases in Switzerland. In addition to this, Goldon Publishing aims to increase success through distribution of the entire label catalogue or single items from within it. We work with and for artists from various genres but mostly with popular bands which have a strong commitment to their musical and lyrical work.



Business Manager

Guido Röösli

Artist & Repertoire
Tom Burri


Goldon Records
& Publishing GmbH
Libellenstrasse 35a
CH-6004 Luzern


Commercial Register CH


Demo Policy

Please do not send us mp3 by mail. Ship us demos by airmail or send us links or download-links to your songs if you answer all of the following questions (taken from 'a manifesto for musicians') with yes:

Do we play breathtakingly awesome music?
Do we have a six-month agenda, a two-year plan and a ten-year vision?
Do we play like rebels, think like artists and work like businessmen?
Are we flexible, but stay true to our ideas?

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